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Kids' Choice, Inc. values the participation of each of the students in our workshops and believes that greatness lives right now in our youth.

Past Events


Kids’ Choice, Inc., a Google nonprofit, announces its first Educational Hip Hop Challenge Workshop on Saturday, May 22 at noon (2021). Featured speakers for the event are music producer and engineer Chris Arrue and recording artist Regg Hatcher Jr. aka Eldorodo Regg.


Students in grades three through eight learned writing skills, how to tell a good story and how to get published.

Evelyn Coleman – the author of “White Socks Only”, “To be a Drum”, and the American Girl books was the featured speaker for the event. Coleman provided workshop attendees with tips for their story submissions. The feature story winners of the Kids’ Choice, Inc.’s Writing Workshop is Maddisson, Ayesha, and Raijah!

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