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  • Description: Do you need exciting and fun way to learn about the 3 Branches of U.S. Government?   Learning about the Three Branches of Government has never been so cool! This colorful and informative PowerPoint presentation is an excellent resource for learning about the Three Branches of Government.   It includes information about: ✔Three Branches of Government ✔The Constitution ✔The Executive Branch ✔The Legislative Branch ✔The Judicial Branch
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    Are you learning about travel? This project is for you to plan a realistic trip to Dominican Republic. Throughout this project, you will create a postcard, plan their itinerary for each day of the trip to this country. All of the work is done in Spanish.  You will rep your city! Then create sentences in Spanish using present and future tense. The sentences must include what to do and where to go in Dominican Republic. You will absolutely love this project and feel very accomplished after you realize how much you were able to do completely in Spanish. The rubric is attached in this project.
  • Description: Rounding Numbers Presentation! This presentation is designed to take make math lesson easier! This educational, fully animated, and editable! You will be able to use this with this at home after you finish your homework.  Use this presentation to help you master rounding! It is also excellent for review! This presentation aligns directly with the rounding skills you learn at school.