Welcome! We are excited to host a platform where original work can be posted and shared between students. The goal of our marketplace is to empower students’ educational journeys through knowledge-sharing and fundraising for their college careers. 

There are a number of ways you can create amazing content to share with the world, and we encourage you to think creatively and have fun with the content you create. 

We recommend that all students, parents and guardians check out our step-by-step guides below for instructions on how to create engaging content on Kids’ Choice, Inc.:

How to Create an Educational Rap or Song 

  1. Create an educational song or rap (original work). 
  2. The introduction should be based on a skill (standard).
  3. Choose the standard “I can” statement that relates to your topic and include it in your rap/song or in the description of your rap/song.

The “I can” statement (also known as the standard) helps your peers decide whether the rap/song is right for them. It also helps them maintain focus during the lesson because it explains the main purpose of the rap/song. The statement is a goal that mentions the grade level and tops so people can ensure they have the right resource for their students. 

Within each “I can” statement, the topic, skill and grade appropriate activity should be stated. 

Follow the formula for easy creation — Grade level. Skill Unit. Activity Number: I can… (INSERT THE FOCUS OF THE LESSON) 

For example:

If you created a rap/song that helps students practice subtracting whole numbers, the “I can” statement would be:

4.NBT.1: I can add and subtract whole numbers (4th grade standard, Numbers in Base Ten Skill) 

For those struggling with these statements, follow this link, find your state and look up the standard. 

  1. Create the hook (chorus). 
  2. Create the verse (repeated lines). 
  3. Make sure you double check your work and have your teacher double check your work to ensure it is correct. 
  4. Save.
  5. Share!

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