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Assist student and parents with starting and earning funds for their College 529 savings plan.

About Us

Our Mission

An online marketplace where students buy and sell original educational resources to gain 21st Century Skills.

Our Goals

Kids’ Choice Inc. is a movement, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, created to improve learning through student created resources. Any grade-school student may participate, as well as students currently enrolled in a college or technical school. Students will create technology-enhanced resources to reach the general student population. The goal of Kids’ Choice Inc. is to create educational resources for students by students. Kids’ Choice Inc. is about students taking charge of their own learning for college preparation and career readiness. The students will create educational products to teach other students. Kids’ Choice Inc. gives the students the power and choice of learning the curriculum while earning scholarships for school. The educational resources include, but are not limited to, digital games, PDF documents, Microsoft Word educational resources, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations, etc. These resources will be used by students as educational resources to promote learning. These educational resources will enhance technology advancement, reading comprehension skills, mathematical fluency, communication, critical thinking, collaboration and much more.

Kids’ Choice Inc. membership is free for students! Students’ work will be posted on the Kids’ Choice Inc. website for parents, teachers, and students to actively engage in. Created by students with parental consent and through Kids’ Choice Inc.  family accounts, these educational resources will be used to facilitate meaningful learning experiences. Proceeds from student work will go toward scholarships, which will be directly deposited into their College 529 Accounts on a weekly basis. 10% net proceeds of your Kids’ Choice, Inc. Creator earnings will be retained by Kids’ Choice, Inc. as a service fee. Accordingly, your account will be credited the remaining amounts after the third-party payment processing fees and 10% service fee have been deducted. Students who take part in Kids’ Choice Inc. can receive scholarships based on merit, need, or for being an active member of Kids’ Choice Inc. In addition, scholarships for whole child (student) development will be awarded for hard work, dedication, and creativity. Once students have completed high school, they may use their scholarships for college, technical school, or other qualified educational expenses at the higher education institution of their choice. Kids’ Choice Inc. is here to help students create, inspire, learnand grow.

Our Benefits

Parent Benefits: Tax Deductible Organization 501 (c)(3)

Kid Benefits: Scholarships for Higher Education