Student Inspired. Student-Led. Student Created.

Take charge of your learning

Extend your learning in new, hands-on ways with interactive games, activities, worksheets, and more at your own pace – All created for and by students.

Earn money for college

Help get a scholarship and earn financial independence at any age by funding your 529 College Savings Plan.

Shape and secure your future

Gain 21st century skills to prepare you for a bigger and better future.

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Join the Kids’ Choice Community

Join the Kids’ Choice Community

As a Learner

Gain access to amazing educational resources created by your peers available to you and your family at any time. From self-guided lesson plans, to notes or games, we have it all. Stay on-grade or work head, you can work at your own pace and enjoy learning.


As a Creator

Create to make learning fun, meaningful, and engaging for your peers. Not only will you provide educational materials, but any proceeds from your work will go toward a qualifying 529 College Account as a scholarship opportunity. You and your family can learn through creation, help others learn, and earn for college.

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Who we are


Welcome to Kids’ Choice, Inc.! We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping students create and share educational resources while saving money for college. Inspired by the age-old concept of study groups and young people helping each other learn, Kids’ Choice believes students can also be the best teachers. Our goal is to foster and support the ideas of students helping students. If you are a student, the parent of a student, or simply passionate about supporting education, check out our about us page or follow us on social media.

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